Health without Wealth

Apr 14, 16 Health without Wealth

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The Economist Meet the Indian doctor transforming thousands of lives. Dr Devi Shetty’s pioneering methods are bringing world-class heart surgery to the masses. If the solution is not affordable, then is not a solution. Comments from the Facebook Doctor Devi Shetty, u are a God sent Angel on earth! Extremely proud of you and the...

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Lack of Surgeons Hits Malaysia

Mar 26, 16 Lack of Surgeons Hits Malaysia

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KUALA LUMPUR: Although thousands of children remain on the waiting list for corrective heart surgery, eight operating theatres (OTs) for cardiac surgery at Serdang Hospital remain unused for want of cardiothoracic surgeons and staff. The OTs at the RM300 million Serdang Hospital, designed to be the reference centre for cardiology,...

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