Silvestre’s Operation a Heart Moving Story


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“Mrs Chong, your son cannot live beyond two months.”

This was the chilling news the doctor delivered to Veronica Chang after she had given birth to Silvestre Chong Vun Khang.Veronica felt her world crumble upon hearing this pronouncement by an attending doctor after the birth of Silvestre at a hospital in Tawau four years ago. …

“Being born with a heart in the wrong place is a virtual death sentence but little Silvestre’s parents did not give up hope. Today, four years later, thanks to the efforts of MediAssist4U, Silvestre has been given a new lease of life. Silvestre was born with an ectopic heart, a very rare condition where the heart is found in an abnormal position. Instead of lying safely in the middle of the chest, protected by the breastbone and ribs, Silvestre’s heart was located outside his abdomen, covered only by a thin layer of skin” – NST Online, September 28, 2008

Silvestre's Operation a Heart Moving Story

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