Rare heart surgery of 11-yr-old performed at NH MMI Hospital

This kind of surgery was first performed in china and the second at NH MMI of Chhattisgarh NH MMI Narayana Super Speciality Hospital successfully performed India’s first and world’s second operation on smallest child for Multiple Paravalvular Leak Closure. Dr Sumanta Shekhar Padhi, Senior Consultant, Cardiologist of NH MMI Narayana Super Speciality Hospital informed media persons that following its own ethics of giving successful treatment, this time Narayana Health has come up with another achievement of Multiple Paravalvular Leak closure with devices with certain unique complications in the Indian smallest child up till now, that too with severely malnourished body. 

Procedure involving implementation of cardiac devices has been challenging part in the field of the cardiac interventions. But here challenges became unimaginable when the patient is mere 16 kg of weight that too at the tender age of 11 years where repeat open heart surgery for third time was not an option. In 2017 at the age of 11 years Pinky (name changed) was operated in as there was a hole (Ostium Primum ASD) in her heart and a valve was leaking (Cleft AML in Partial AV canal defect). As needed in process the hole was shut and the leakage was repaired. After approximately one year of the surgery the valve started leaking again and the child had to go for second heart surgery. 

This time surgery became very difficult as after first surgery Pinky’s heart and breast bone got partially stuck together. A successful surgery was done but after sometime leakage started from the side of the valve. With this leakages Pinky went into heart failure.

Hence instead of again going for open heart surgery the leakage was blocked by inserting two PDA devices adjacent to the valve. Such kind of procedure needs meticulous planning of each step, skill of the operating team and coordination among each member of the team, as any small complication during the procedure will have disastrous result. Hence for the third time two PDA devices were inserted to stop the leakage. The entire process was in itself more than a challenge. Dr Padhi thanked his team of Dr. Alok Swain, Chief of Cardiac Anaesthesia, Dr Anshika, Ansthetist, Dr. Kinjal Bakshi- Paediatric Cardiologist and entire Cath lab staffs for such an appreciable coordination.

At present Pinky is recovering and getting better with every passing day and showing improvement. The successful treatment done at NH MMI Narayana has made history and given a new life to the hopeless parents of the child.

Source : https://www.thehitavada.com/Encyc/2020/1/5/Rare-heart-surgery-of-11-yr-old-performed-at-NH-MMI-Hospital.html