Narayana Heart Centre opens Heart Failure Clinic


M.S. Ramaiah Narayana Heart Centre, Bengaluru has now opened a  Heart Failure Clinic. The facility is now equipped with a Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing test (CPET) which aids in assessing the condition of a patient with heart failure. The centre was inaugurated by Karnataka minister for health and family welfare UT Khader.

The  Clinic is exclusively for heart failure patients here, patients will get an opportunity to evaluate causes for heart failure and to plan the advanced treatment like left ventricular device or heart transplant. The clinic is manned with trained senior heart failure cardiologist, nurses, paramedics and rehabilitation personnel.

“Heart failure needs much more care and management because of the high risk of sudden cardiac arrest and progressive pump failure”, said Dr. Nagamalesh U.M, senior cardiologist & heart transplant physician, M.S. Ramaiah Narayana Heart Centre. CPET is a highly sensitive, non-invasive test for heart failure patients to know whether the patient can continue for few more months or years by continuing the treatment they are undergoing currently or need an advanced treatment.

“The test also helps to assess long term prognosis to make the right and quick decision on the need for a heart transplant. This is a boon to millions of patients suffering due to lack of facilities in the state. All the facilities available for heart failure management is made available considering all sections of the community at affordable cost compared to any other centre in the country,” said Dr Ravi Shetty, senior cardio thoracic & vascular surgeon and heart transplant surgeon., M.S. Ramaiah Narayana Heart Centre.

Reliable estimates of heart failure are lacking in India because of the absence of a surveillance programme to track incidence, prevalence, outcomes and key causes of heart failure. The incidence of heart failure is increasing due to population migration, epidemiological and health transitions. Based on the Heart failure: epidemiology and prevention in India by Huffman MD, et al. Natl Med J India in 2010, it is observed that prevalence of heart failure in India is due to coronary heart disease, hypertension, obesity, diabetes and rheumatic heart disease to range from 1.3 to 4.6 million, with an annual incidence of 491600-1.8 million.

The hospital also stated that in Karnataka only Narayana Health is recognized for Heart transplants which is done at Narayana Health city on Hosur road and MS Ramaiah Narayana Heart Center in Mattikere.


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