‘Leading Multi-Speciality Hospital’ award to NH MMI Narayana

NH MMI Narayana Multi-Speciality Hospital has been bestowed with the ‘Leading Multi-Speciality Hospital’ of central India award on Friday. Hospital Facility Director Vinit Jain received the award at the hands of Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh in grand function. The Hospital known for its high-standards with reasonable health services has a new accolade.

NH MMI Narayana Multi-Speciality Hospital is part of nationwide chain of the Narayana Health, which is providing health services through 30 branches in 18 cities across the country. NH MMI Narayana Multi-Speciality HospitalHosp was established in August 2011, when an already established 56-bed medical facility was equipped with modern equipment, state-of-the-art operation theatre and medical skills and upgraded to 156-bed hospital.

Presently, the hospital has transformed into a leading medical institute with 216- beds which is serving in the field of cardiology, neurology, renal, and orthopaedic. Hospital sprawls over 1.26 lakh square feet with a total area of 3 acres located in a serene environment which helps patient in recovering. Narayana Health has risen to fame with all the specialities in medical sector. The Group has emerged with an extensive network including in Bengaluru Heart Centre and Health City in British ruled Cayman Island, which has total bed capacity of over 600. For more information, interested person can visit www.narayanahealth.org.


Source : http://thehitavada.com/Encyc/2018/3/24/%E2%80%98Leading-Multi-Speciality-Hospital–award-to-NH-MMI-Narayana.aspx