Brahmananda Narayana Multispeciality Hospital (BNMH) has added yet another milestone by achieving two thousand successful heart surgeries in a population size of a little over 13 lakh people of Jamshedpur.

Among all surgeries conducted by the team included, 1107 bypass surgeries, 532 valve surgeries, 312 congenital heart surgeries (heart disease in children since birth) and 49 vascular and thoracic surgeries. The patients also included 24 non-resident Indians with Jamshedpur/ Jharkhand origin, who flew in to the city because of quality and affordability.

Senior consultant cardiac surgeon Dr Perwaiz Alam said that a total of 347 patients were operated through Employee state Insurance scheme (ESIC) and 301 patients were financially supported by Government of Jharkhand through Asadhya Rog scheme sponsored by state Government for underprivileged  patients of state of Jharkhand.

“What sets the hospital apart is that all these surgeries have lived up to the philosophy of quality healthcare at affordable price as propounded by its founder Dr. Devi Shetty, whose Narayana Health of Bangalore, which operates more than two dozen state-of-the-art hospitals through the length and breadth of India, associated itself with Brahmananda Sewa Sadan of Jamshedpur to commission BNML in the year 2009,” noted V Marapaka, facility director of the hospital.

In a little over 8 years, the hospital has emerged into a 150-beddedfacility with 55 intensive care beds, 10 high dependency units, and 5 state-of-the-art operation theaters, out of which one is exclusively reserved for heart surgeries – equipped with high tech machine and laminar flow system.

BNMH has eliminated the need for Jharkhand people to travel to distant cities for want of medical treatment, particularly in diseases related to heart. In serious heart conditions, traveling would pose significantrisk to heart patients, a factor that has been alleviated by BNMH, which was planned as a millennium gift to the city of Jamshedpur and Jharkhand in general.

Soon after its inception, the first open heart surgery ever performed in the city of Jamshedpur was by Dr. Perwaiz Alam, senior consultant cardiac surgeon. Ever since the first heart surgery, Dr. Alam, along with Dr. Vikash Toshniwal, Dr.Upender Singh, and Dr. Rahul Debdas, have been offering their relentless services and have completed their 2000th heart surgery recently – averaging to one surgery every two days.


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