About MediAssist4U

MediAssist4U is a one-stop health screening centre which provides the public a regular health screening especially those with high-risk lifestyles as we will facilitate early detection and prevention of life-threatening diseases with the latest medical technology, regardless of the patient’s financial capacity, as we understand what goes on within your body is essential to prevent from unfavourable medical conditions which arises without warning signs or symptoms.

MediAssist4U was set up in March 12, 2006 and proudly spread its wings to the public with a mission to provide a wide range of health screening facilities for the public. Our objective is to provide and promote quality healthcare through technology and, in particular, specialised heart screening through telemedicine via video conferencing with experts abroad and also for their expert advice at an affordable price.

MediAssist4U are pioneers in providing speedy, efficient and affordable screening services, especially where heart surgery is concerned. Currently, we work very closely in smart partnership with the Narayana Health in Bangalore, India in the area of cardiology whereby we are permanently online with the centre and patients’ conditions are assessed via telemedicine.

We are proud to offer unique and affordable health screening for common people…

MediAssist4U is a very well renowned Diagnostic

Centre comprising of 5 screening centre to our credit and providing quality diagnostic services to various communities. The main aim of all centres is to provide affordable and quality diagnostic service. Our centres are situated in different parts of Selangor.

Since our operation, we have catered close to 35,456 electrocardiograms; 24,751 echocardiograms; 53,525 ultrasounds; 5,459 treadmill stress test; and 4,389 spirometry. Our experienced specialists and diagnostician dedicate their best knowledge and skills to all individuals who seek our medical attention or routine medical check-ups. Each and every specialist and diagnostician of MediAssist4U pledges compassion to every individual patient by being sensitive and attentive to the patient’s needs.