Surprising ways alcohol may be good for your health

From weight loss to boosting your confidence levels, alcohol consumed in the right proportion can do wonders for your health as well.

This may be the most amazing news alcohol-lovers have ever heard: Alcohol may be good for your health. However, is this true?

Get a healthy heart

To many people’s surprise, drinking beer and wine of all kinds can be beneficial to heart health. This is because both beer and wine contain natural antioxidants known as phenols, that assists your mechanism of self-protection against heart diseases.

In addition, these two beverages lower the probability of developing hypertension. Nevertheless, keep in mind that it is only beneficial to drink beer and wine provided you do not drink excessive amounts.

Get over a malaria infection

It is a fact that malaria is not restricted to any specific area worldwide. However, people in the West have used gin and tonic to fight malaria infections for centuries.

To be specific, tonic contains quinine, which is an alkaloid that has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

With the advancement of medication, lots of effective drugs have been created to specifically treat malaria infections. However, quinine and tonic water are still quite an effective method to ease the undesirable symptoms of the infection.

Nonetheless, if you have a bad case of malaria or develop severe symptoms, it is best to consult a doctor or healthcare provider first before taking any drugs, remedies, or medications on your own.

Fight off the feeling of butterflies in thestomach

Have you ever been at a social event or family gathering it’s virtually impossible to break the ice? If you have, down a glass or two of alcohol. Consuming alcohol makes you feel more confident and sociable, making the chore of striking up a conversation that much easier.

Red wine can actually burn fat

It has been scientifically proven: when taken in the right amount, red wine can assist in the process of weight loss.

According to a study from Oregon State University, dark red grapes, which contain a chemical called ellagic acid can help those with obesity issues and metabolic fatty liver problems.

The chemical works by slowing down the growth of fat cells and preventing new ones from being created, which in turns boosts the metabolism of fatty acids that are contained in liver cells.

Despite the fact that drinking wine can offer you heaps of benefits, mind the proportion you are gulping down. Everything works perfectly only when consumed in the right amount.

Therefore, consult a professional, a doctor, or a healthcare provider first to find out how much wine is appropriate for your daily or weekly consumption. Follow the instructions strictly so you don’t face any complications from consuming too much alcohol.


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