Overweight Can Actually Save Someone From Dying During Heart Operations

GLASGOW, UNITED KINGDOM – OCTOBER 10: An overweight person walks through Glasgow city centre in Glasgow, Scotland. According to government health maps published today, people in the north of England lead less healthy lifestyles compared to those in the south. The United Kingdom is also the fattest country in Europe, according to a new study of obesity rates to be released today. The ‘Health Profile of England’ report, compiled from government data, said some 24 percent of people in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are obese. (Photo : Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

Almost everyone is made to believe that being obese can pose risk to health and while most part of it is true, researchers have revealed a surprising fact about body mass index (BMI) and its relation to surviving heart operations.

Being overweight increases the person’s chance of having heart-related diseases and this fact is not only known by experts, but also by regular people. This is the reason why even those who have already developed heart disorders, like congenital heart disease, heart attack, and heart valve disease, are advised to slim down prior to having any surgery. However, a news study performed by the doctors at Leicester University proposes that being obese can actually save someone who is about to undergo the knife. This is because being overweight has some type of a protective effect for those who will have their operation.

Although there is no conclusion yet as to what it is, scientists from the said university plan to conduct further research to determine the mechanisms involve, in the hope of increasing the survival rates of patients under the normal weight.

British Heart Foundation has funded researchers who will analyze records of about 401,000 people who will have their heart surgery from 2002 to 2013. Unfortunately for those who are after healthy living, it shows that those who are under the regular weight tends to not survive than those who are obese. Meanwhile, those who are underweight also have higher chance to die. (via DailyMail)

The researchers also consider several factors like the person’s age and health conditions. However, despite certain complications of obesity like diabetes, artery disease, and high blood pressure, still seem to provide unusual protection. Similar results were found from the reviewed date of about 557,720 patients from different parts of the world like Asia, Europe, and United States.

“Obesity is a reason often given for not offering patients surgery,” said Professor Gavin Murphy of Leicester University. “With this study, we show that for cardiac patients at least, being obese should not be a reason to turn patients away from surgery.” (via WBNews)


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