Mother Afraid of Losing Her Son Anytime Soon

A MOTHER in Muar has been living in fear every day, anticipating the possible death of her teenage son who has a heart disorder, Harian Metro reported.

Kamariah Mat Daud, 46, has been living with the nightmare since 2013 when a doctor said that her son Muhammad Fikri Hakim Sikim’s heart would not last any longer and she should be prepared for the inevitable.

“I have been caring for my child for 15 years but the time we have now is so precious that I am afraid of going to sleep because he might die any time,” she said.

Fikri, fondly known as Acan, has congenital heart defect and has to use oxygen tubes in order to survive.

The 15-year-old boy knows that his days are numbered and feels that he has not spent enough time with his mother.

“Many teenagers in Malaysia think that having a degree is the key to success but actuality there are other careers that they can opt for based on their interests,” he said.

“Even though we are taught to think that way, I want to try exposing them to the importance of going out and trying something out of their comfort zone.”

Flizzow, whose real name is Johan Ishak, said that there might be those who are studying to be doctors or engineers but wanted to be an artist.

“There is no harm in trying as long as they are aware of their talent and strengths,” he said.

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