How screen time impacts your health

NBC, (WILX) – Two new warnings came out just this week about how much time we’re spending in front of our screens and the consequences for our health.

The World Health Organization just released new guidelines about kids and screen time.

It says children under 2 should have no screen time at all.

For kids ages 2 to 4, no more than an hour a day is recommended.

Another new study reveals adults and teens aren’t moving enough.

Adults are sitting more than six hours per day and teenagers are sitting over eight hours per day.

The study says they’re spending more time on computers, TV’s and videos, and it’s putting people at greater risk for diabetes, obesity, heart disease and cancer.

Dr. Luke Laffin, a preventative cardiologist at the Cleveland Clinic, has some tips on how to add more movement into your day.

“We can walk from our car to our office at a brisk pace. We can take the stairs, walk to lunch. All those things can happen,” said Dr. Laffin.

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