A Sauna Can Save You From A Heart Attack

Scientists concluded that regular sauna use reduces the risk of heart disease. Writes Newsmir.info referring to НовостиЮInfo.

Thus, experts have said that fans will luxuriate in the sauna a heart attack happens three times less frequently than those who does not reach it. Well on the human body is affected by the mapping of high temperature and low humidity. In totality, it helps to sweat well, which causes intense excretion of toxic substances. Sweating also reduces blood pressure and normalizes the elasticity of arteries.

It should be noted that the positive effect of sauna on human health was first discovered by the Finns. This happened back in the beginning of the last century during the Olympics in France. Finnish athletes have come to the conclusion that the sauna has a positive impact not only on the physical state of a person, but also at the level of his mental health.


Source : http://www.uniindia.com/heart-attack-rising-among-younger-adults/india/news/1423305.html