7 ways your office job is destroying your body

You love your work and your work loves you back. That would be the most ideal situation, wouldn’t it?

However, even if you love your work – the sedentary posture, stressful working conditions and long hours you put in could be destroying your health and killing your body.

If you are aware of it and choose to ignore it anyway, that would entirely be your prerogative. Still, it is recommended you immediately start following a healthy regime for your own body’s sake.

If you are unaware and naive about how your office is destroying your health then you need to be made conscious of it.

So here are the top seven ways your office is destroying your body’s physical as well as mental well-being along with possible remedies.

Sitting at your desk all day

The biggest hurt your body sustains every day is the prolonged sitting. These lengthy periods of sitting is a terrible thing for your body with aches and pains being the more common complaints.

These seemingly normal pains and aches are the reasons that could lead to an early death. Other risks of lengthy sitting periods could lead to muscular-skeletal disorders, obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart disease and more. Even a regular workout isn’t a remedy for this habit.


Are you sitting all day long in front of a device in a slouching posture? And are you not bothered to straighten up? Well, then you are inviting a pool of chronic, long-term ailments — including arthritis that causes painful inflammation and stiffness of the joints, and bursitis which is inflammation in a bursa, typically one in the shoulder joint.

Chances of physical hurt are high

A treadmill desk is a great way to avoid the risk of obesity and heart disease. However, if you have one then you could also be prone to a lot of typos while typing. Also, you might tend to fall often, more than if you were sitting on a chair. So choose your working accessories carefully, and stay away from cheap office chairs that do more harm than help.

Way too much light while working

Exposure to over-illumination while working is the root to many eye-related woes, the most common being headaches that occur often or even every day. Scientifically, over-illumination is taken as total darkness by our bodies. This messes massively with our body’s internal clocks starting with increased fatigue, stress, high blood pressure and an increased risk of certain carcinomas.

Bad air quality in the building

There’s a term called “Sick Building Syndrome” which could be affecting your health. This syndrome deals with the quality of air circulating inside your building which can be up to 100 times dirtier than the air outside.

Besides, the dirt in the air inside your office building is also contaminated with unhealthy gases and chemicals. You unknowingly end up fighting the menace of pollutants in the air conditioning and toxic particles.

If you thought that was all, you have absolutely no idea that there are also dangerous bacteria and mold hanging around, especially in buildings that aren’t well maintained.

Over-exposure to printers and photocopiers

If the filter of the photocopier isn’t changed regularly it can be the source of deadly ozone. Bear in mind that even small amounts of ozone can cause chest pains and irritation.

In fact, even laser printers can harm your health with toner particles that can affect your lungs and blood stream. This in turn could be the reason for lung disease and other ailments.

Working for over 10 hours per day

According to European researchers, people working 10 hours or more every day have a “60% greater risk of a multitude of cardiovascular problems, including heart attack and angina.”

Endlessly staring at the computer screen

Yes, computer screens don’t give off radiation but the strain that eyes incur from staring for long periods of time at the screen can be detrimental for your vision and eyes. In addition you could also experience headaches and migraines often.

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