10 different foods that might save you a heart attack later in life

WASHINGTON: A recent study has revealed that consuming foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids can reduce risk of a deadly heart attack later in life by 10 per cent.

The report published in the US journal JAMA Internal Medicine looked at blood and tissue omega-3 levels in participants of 19 studies across 16 countries.

The researchers studied more than 45,630 participants. Of those, 7,973 people suffered first-time heart attacks, of whom 2,781 died.

They found that both plant and seafood-based omega-3s reduced the risk of fatal heart attacks by 10 per cent. Here are some omega-3 rich foods the researchers found to reduce this risk.



Fatty fish  such as salmon, trout, tuna, sardines, and anchovies  are a key source of omega-3s, including eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). They should be a staple part of a person’s diet as they boost Omega-3 levels inside humans.

Leafy vegetables

Eat your greens ~ spinach, broccoli, curly lettuce and asparagus. Healthy eating.

Leafy vegetables are a good source of Omega-3. Leafy vegetables are also called potherbs, greens, vegetable greens, leafy greens, or salad greens. They can help you avoid chances of heart attack.



Researchers are convinced more than ever about the nutritional benefits of walnuts. Walnuts not only taste great but are a rich source omega-3 fatty acids. Like most nuts, they can easily be added to a healthy diet. Just chop and add to your favorite salad, vegetable dish, fruit, or dessert.

Canola Oil


Canola oil is higher in healthier unsaturated fats and the omega-3 fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) than all other oil except flax-seed oil. ALA is particularly important to have in your diet because your body can’t make it from scratch.

Cod liver oil


Cod liver oil is a nutritional supplement derived from the liver of cod fish. As with most fish oils, it has high levels of the omega-3 fatty acids, eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid. Cod liver oil is one of nature’s richest sources of effective Omega-3 fatty acids.


tofu bowl

Intake of soy-based foods like tofu not only reduces the chances of heart attack but also helps in preventing stomach cancer as well. Tofu is rich in Omega-3.

Egg yolk


Although many of us prefer eggs in our breakfast, egg yolk is the healthiest part of an egg, rich in Omega-3 fatty acids that help reduce the risk of heart attack.



Salvia hispanica, commonly known as chia, is a species of flowering plant from the mint family. Chia is quite high in healthy fats and contains more Omega-3 fatty acids than salmon, protecting the heart by lowering blood pressure and inflammation. Inflammation can put strain on blood vessels and cause heart disease. So by eating chia seeds you can boost and protect your heart.



Nattō is a traditional Japanese food made from soybeans. Some eat it as a breakfast food. Natto is a good food source of omega-3 fatty acids. A 100 g serving provides 734 mg of Omega-3 to help you get rid of chances of heart attack.

Hemp Seeds


Hemp or industrial hemp is a variety of the Cannabis sativa plant species that is grown specifically for the industrial uses of its derived products. It is found in the northern hemisphere. Although it’s prohibited in most parts of the world, it is quickly regaining importance as nutritionists consider it to be good source of Omega-3 fatty acids.

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